The Power Behind Your Crazy Idea

“If you’re telling your idea to people and everyone is telling you it’s a good idea and not crazy, it’s actually probably not that good of an idea. If you come at things from a totally different angle, it will feel weird at first because it is new & different. But, if they tell you it’s crazy, that should be MOTIVATING to you, because you’re thinking about it differently.”

I recently sat down with Haley Hoffman Smith, author of Her Big Idea and a Thrive Global contributor to talk about how to take your big, crazy idea and frame it into a business model to better the world and my new book, The End of Killing. It is possible to make a great change in the world while also making a profit. Check out more of our conversation in Thrive Global’s article Rick Smith on How to Frame Your Big Idea into a Business Model that Actually Changes the World.