Rick Smith travels the country speaking to audiences about one of humanity’s greatest challenges – how to end violent killing. With topics ranging from innovative police technologies like TASER weapons and body-worn cameras to ending gun violence in schools and police brutality, you will walk away feeling challenged and inspired. As an entrepreneur who started his business from a garage in Tucson, Arizona, Rick often speaks to businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale a company. If you have an event you’d like Rick to speak at, contact us today.


2017 Singularity Summit

Rick shares the unfortunate circumstances that led him to his mission to end killing and make the bullet obsolete along with a review of weapon advancement throughout time. He challenges us to think differently about the future of weapons technology and how we can live in a world without killing.

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CNBC Mad Money

Rick talks about the steady growth of Axon through a key acquisition and building a team of A players.

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Accelerate Keynote Highlights

Rick takes the stage at the third annual Axon Accelerate, the leading technology conference for public safety professionals. He shares his vision of integrating artificial intelligence, virtual reality and drone technology into the public safety nervous system to achieve Axon’s mission of protecting life.

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NPR Weekend Edition

Rick weighs in on facial recognition technology and the challenges Axon is navigating today on its mission to protect life and end killing.

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