Creating Non-Lethal Weapons for the Future

For those who want to gain a deeper understanding of non-lethal weapons technology and safety, I included this appendix. It will introduce you to the general concepts of non-lethal weapons, then walk through a first-principles design approach to building the non-lethal weapons that have the potential to make bullets obsolete in the not-too-distant future. Then I’ll discuss some of the risks that have to be evaluated when deciding to put them to use.

Drones: End of Killing References

In The End of Killing, I mentioned a concept video that demonstrates a lethal drone with unbelievable precision. You can watch the video below. In the book, I argue that something like this should worry us, because if we can get to this level of precision, why couldn't we also get to a sufficiently advanced level of non-lethality? That's the question that is at the heart of the book, and my life's work.